Women's coach life coach career coach businesswoman coach Millennial coachDriven Millennial women coaching is for: business owners, managers, executives, professionals, actresses, writers, comedians, creative directors, and entrepreneurs who want more enjoyment from their work, their free time, and their relationships.

You are busy and demand (and deserve) a lot in life.

You have goals and want to get shit done. You work hard at work, putting in long hours. Outside of work, you want a significant other and to have time to nurture that relationship, feel love and take care of yourself, but where’s the time? I’m Kristen Van Nest and I can make you feel more fulfilled, less stressed at work, and happier with your life.

Why work/life coaching for driven Millennial women?  As a Marketing Manager and Comedian who has worked and performed in New York, Shanghai, and now Los Angeles, this is an area close to my heart. As Research & Editorial Director for the book “Innovating Women: the Changing Face of Technology,” I spoke to hundreds of women executives about all of these struggles. I spent hours 

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researching the topic, even attending a conference at the White House on these issues, and later founding the China Digital Women and Driven Women networking groups. These issues affect so many women.

Over the years I have lived in the U.S., Europe, and China and traveled to over 40 countries, constantly in new, unfamiliar environments and overcoming new challenges. On a daily basis as a comedian, I am in high pressure situations, whether alone on stage or at an audition. I am an expert in handling high pressure situations with grace and help my clients do the same. You face challenges and I am committed to coaching YOU to overcome them. My mission as a coach is to help women find the work/life balance that works for them and empowers them to reach the dream life they envision.

As a co-active coach through the accredited Coaches Training Institute, I now coach Millennial women to help them achieve their goals. Being both a corporate manager and a comedian, my coaching can be very serious and rigorous at times as well as very playful and creative. I also incorporate improv and acting exercises into my coaching, especially when helping clients prepare for high stress situations (public speaking, salary negotiation, etc.). I bring my full self to every session to do whatever I can to help my clients.

Like a coach at the gym or a mentor at work, I can help you achieve your big picture life goals…

Perform Gracefully
Receive the raise and get the role you deserve. Shine in the boardroom or on stage

Communicate Powerfully

Smoothly communicate with other departments, your boss, your peers, and your team. Achieve in male-dominated meetings and in multicultural work environments


Date Enthusiastically
A manageable schedule in which you can focus on your career, while attracting and keeping a life partner who loves and supports you for who you are

Feel Fulfilled
Feel at ease and at peace in your life. No more anxiety and stress taking over

Manage Change
Leveraging your natural communication style, take charge of new opportunities

Body Confidence
Truly love yourself. Confidence is a “rising tide lifts all boats” factor of life

Long-Term Goals
Take control of your future. Make a plan. As Warren Buffett famously said: “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” Let’s work on planting those seeds for the life you want in the future!

My coaching is via phone and Skype. We can easily connect from anywhere (and yes, my coaching is global – I have clients from all over the world)




“During my job search, Kristen was great at giving me clear and objective advice. First she helped me figure out what my priorities were so I confidently knew what I wanted, and then she helped me develop the correct communication tools and strategies I needed to get what I wanted. Thanks to Kristen I was able to negotiate a 20% increase in salary in my new job!” – Chelsea, Advertising, Shanghai

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Kristen’s Executive Coaching Solutions

When an airplane is crashing and the air masks drop, we are always instructed to put a mask on ourselves before others. Why? Because if you don’t take care of yourself first, you don’t have the capacity to help those around you. Coaching is an investment in YOU. We invest in so many things – our family, our job, our work. But oftentimes, we forget to invest in ourselves. 

I will guide you, step-by-step, through a self-discovery process that aligns your daily activity with your life’s mission. Bringing more happiness and fulfillment into your life takes hard work, time, and determination. Patterns will be broken, tough discussions will happen, laughter and tears may occur. 

Discovery session: Discovery happens throughout all our coaching sessions. This initial longer session is to clear the ground, till the soil, and collaborate on where seeds will be planted and nourished during our engagement. We review logistics, design our partnership, and create our plan.

I work with professionals whose word is more powerful than any contract or document. All compensation is paid prior to the first coaching session. Please only serious and appropriate inquiries.

   Connecting with Your Values  Life Makeover + Transformation  Per Session
 Length of Executive Coaching   3 Months: 90 minute discovery session + 2 50-minute coaching sessions per month.
Total Sessions: 6 
  6 Months: 90 minute discovery session + 2 50-minute coaching sessions per month.
Total Sessions: 12
 Per sessionOn a case-by-case, I may work with clients for individual 50-minute sessions.
Investment  $1500  $2500  $250
Savings 8% 20%

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