FEET FIRST: Discarded weekly by millions of farmers in the UK, chicken feet and pig trotters could be worth millions if exported to China

Published in FOCUS magazine in March 2014. China is one of the top ten biggest food and drink markets for the UK – and its growing fast. In the first half of 2013, exports from the UK to China grew 126 per cent, reaching £102 million. In December, British meat producers accompanied David Cameron as part [...]


A TUSK TASK: As the world’s biggest consumer of illegal ivory, the potential future extinction of African elephants may hinge on China

Published in FOCUS magazine in May 2014. The rise of China’s middle class means people can spend their disposable incomes on cars, electronics, and tragically, ivory. Principles of feng shui state that ivory disperses misfortune and drives out evil spirits, while Chinese culture declares it symbolic of wisdom and nobility. Either way, it makes a great [...]

Driving Vanity

As published in FOCUS Magazine in the September 2013 issue. The Chinese gathered in the art deco auction house near Shanghai’s iconic bund are not seeking priceless antiques or cherished celebrity memorabilia. Instead, hopefuls are here for a more practical reason – to buy a license plate. To curb traffic congestion and air pollution, the Chinese government [...]

What You Can Learn About Debating From Last Night’s Debate

Please note: If you are looking for yet another assessment of the content of last night’s debate, please look elsewhere. This focuses on tactic. Here are the lessons we can learn from last night’s debate: Be confident. This carries into many of the points below, but is the most essential trait. It is hard for [...]

Trusted, Reliable Business Partner?

As published in Lëtzebuerger Land on July 13, 2012. Full Version PDF. In February, the Luxembourgish government presented "Le Luxembourg vu de l'étranger" on the results of their fall 2011 quantitative study on the perception of Luxembourg, having surveyed 554 decision-makers and actors working with Luxembourg. Of those surveyed, 82% think Luxembourg has problems with its [...]

The Elephant in the Room: Euro Crisis, Financial & International Tax Reform Spell Trouble for the Modern Fairy Tale of Europe

While the vultures circle Europe, the second highest GDP per capita country has been able to continue business as usual, not having experienced a recession during the 2008 financial crisis. Filled with suited up bankers and bureaucrats, this country of about 500,000 is the second largest investment fund center in the world. The buses have [...]