Zmack: No Brainers Improv

As a student of Zmack Improv School, these are some clips from our show...

Serious Money

As published on EDGE on July 10, 2013. Champagne bottles hang upside down, organized in the shapes of chandeliers, phone cords dangling like streamers. One chair with a profound back sits under a ticker tape. Mumbled news clips discuss the financial market. Suddenly the stage fills with well-dressed traders, grabbing the phones off the champagne … Continue reading Serious Money

Be the Death of Me

As published in EDGE on June 30, 2013. Walking up a creaky, faded yellow staircase of a historic church, guests are handed maps and the quick instructions: "Head to the number of your station on the back. Mind 7 and 8, they are tricky to find." Map in hand, everyone scurries into a large, open … Continue reading Be the Death of Me

Lea Salonga at The Carlyle

As published in EDGE on May 23, 2013. After Kobe beef, cheesecake drizzled in peach sauce, and coffee served from silver pots are whisked away, the band, white-haired and dressed in black, tests their instruments on stage. The hum drowns out the dinner chatter as the lights dim. From the darkened crowd appears Lea Salonga, jumping on … Continue reading Lea Salonga at The Carlyle

I’m a Stranger Here Myself

As published in EDGE on May 2nd, 2013. "You are really beautiful, look at her," a slick Mark Nadler, in a Paisley purple silk vest, grey striped button-down, and pinstripe suit coos, taking a woman from the audience’s hand and pulling her from her seat. Commanding her to twirl, she does, unsure what to expect, … Continue reading I’m a Stranger Here Myself

Who’s Your Daddy?

As published in EDGE on April 22, 2013. The room lightens from shades of blue to show a hooded form to the left of the stage as "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" plays in the background. With sudden motion, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed O’Callaghan pops out of his hood and screams, "I’m being haunted! By my mother … Continue reading Who’s Your Daddy?

Khmer Arts Ensemble “A Bend in the River”

As published in EDGE on April 10, 2013. "A Bend in the River" is based on traditional Cambodian folklore, exploring issues of morality, specifically, as put by the performance’s choreographer, Sophiline Cheam Shapiro, "At what cost do we seek revenge?" The story is about Kaley, a young girl who is eaten (along with her father, … Continue reading Khmer Arts Ensemble “A Bend in the River”

Kafka’s Monkey

As published in EDGE on April 4, 2013. A bent-over Kathryn Hunter, dressed in tails and a bowler hat and swinging her arms like an ape, enters the stage. After assessing her surroundings, she reaches a white podium. Gripping the front edges of the podium with the tips of her fingers, she addresses the audience … Continue reading Kafka’s Monkey