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Perfumeria: Plastic Hand to Squirt Room Spray: $400. Aromatherapy diffusers are so 2015 dorm room. Now you can take this rubber hand, fasten it onto the top of your home scented spray, and walk around your apartment, clicking a button on its wrist and the hand will spray the scent for you! So easy, so chic, it’s like you have a personal servant (hand), to do your chores with you.


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3. “Philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the world in various ways; the point, however, is to change it” — Karl Marx
Why are you on Instagram? Marx in this quote is pointing towards curation. What do you want to be known for? Fitness? Travel? Crushing capitalism? Followers come when you have that one thing that they can rally behind.


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“Selling my hair does not sadden me at all,” says Priyanka, “Now I can feed my family and have a new way to express myself through colorful headscarves.” Last week, she made $50 by allowing a hair scout to shave her head clean.

This E-Book Will Help Break Glass Ceilings

Published on Mic.com in June 2013. Note: Since publication, the title of the book has changed to Innovating Women: The Changing Face of Technology.

I recently encountered a Reddit thread listing “the most intellectual jokes you know.” Many were indeed nerd wit-laden, but one response caught me off guard. It began: “A physicist, a mathematician and an engineer stay in a hotel. The engineer is awakened by a smell and gets up to check it.” A fire emerges in the hallway, and the three must use their expertise to think of ways to extinguish it.

What troubled me was that the default pronoun used to describe the characters — “he” or “him.” This is emblematic of a persistent cultural assumption that women don’t ever become physicists, mathematicians or engineers. Congress’s Joint Economic Committee reported last year that only 14% of engineers are women, and only 27% are working in computer science and math fields. The same under-representation occurs in leadership positions, as only 4% of women make the Fortune 500 CEO list.

Enter millennial entrepreneur Kristen Van Nest and the team of researchers behind Innovating Women: Past, Present, & Future. The ambitious crowd-sourced e-book and surrounding project aim to shed light on why women are underrepresented in STEM and leadership positions. The title gives us a hint: Women encounter obstacles not just when they enter the workforce, but throughout the course of their lives.

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Networking… Ladies, You’re Doing it All Wrong

As published on Forbes.com on May 28, 2013.

What motivated me to join the editorial team of Innovating Women: Past, Present & Future, co-authored by Vivek Wadhwa and Farai Chideya, was the real need for women to hear true stories about how other women strategized in their careers and rose to the top. One of the topics that has particularly hit home is the need to attend conferences and seek out mentors.

In my first job out of college as a branding consultant, to help our clients, we would look for ‘analogs,’ or how companies in different industries had overcome and tackled problems similar to those of our patrons in innovative ways. In my career, I search for ‘personal’ analogs, or people who have achieved goals similar to my own in order to study and understand their strategy and path to reach success. Repeatedly our ambassadors in Innovating Women: Past, Present & Future have spoken about how conferences have helped them find role models and mentors within their fields. Unfortunately, they also spoke of how too few women are taking advantage of these opportunities.

“For the first time in my life I went to the bathroom and noticed a big line outside the men’s room… I got into the lady’s room and found two girls in there, we all had the same reaction,” says Danielle Newman, founder of StartupByte, about her experience at Startup Weekend: “We were laughing hysterically that we were the only girls, a total of 4 girls participating in the event with about 80 men.”

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Innovating Women: The Changing Face of Technology

As Research & Editorial Director for Innovating Women: The Changing Face of Technology , Van Nest acted as a contributing writer and project manager. She conducted research, fact-checked, and interviewed along with assisting in the management of a crowd-sourced discussion platform made up of over 300 female founders and tech professionals.  To help the book launch, she also aided in the marketing and social media strategy. The book’s indiegogo page can be found here.

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