Khmer Arts Ensemble “A Bend in the River”

As published in EDGE on April 10, 2013. "A Bend in the River" is based on traditional Cambodian folklore, exploring issues of morality, specifically, as put by the performance’s choreographer, Sophiline Cheam Shapiro, "At what cost do we seek revenge?" The story is about Kaley, a young girl who is eaten (along with her father, … Continue reading Khmer Arts Ensemble “A Bend in the River”

Hamburg Casino Esplanade

The casino is located across from Planten um Blamen park. When you pop up from the metro its vertical stature contrasts the green of the park. The outside is rather plain, except for overbearing columns and a touch of red. Inside feels like the entrance to a hotel, coats checked to the left. Up the … Continue reading Hamburg Casino Esplanade

Kafka’s Monkey

As published in EDGE on April 4, 2013. A bent-over Kathryn Hunter, dressed in tails and a bowler hat and swinging her arms like an ape, enters the stage. After assessing her surroundings, she reaches a white podium. Gripping the front edges of the podium with the tips of her fingers, she addresses the audience … Continue reading Kafka’s Monkey