Bullshit.ist: Business

Articles published in Bullshit.ist. Click on an article image below to read the full article. Samples below:   Perfumeria: Plastic Hand to Squirt Room Spray: $400. Aromatherapy diffusers are so 2015 dorm room. Now you can take this rubber hand, fasten it onto the top of your home scented spray, and walk around your apartment, clicking … Continue reading Bullshit.ist: Business

Diamond Deals

Published in FOCUS magazine in February 2014. Today, China is the world’s second largest diamond market, tripling in size in the past five years to US$22.8 billion. Sotheby’s in Hong Kong was also recently host to the record-breaking purchase of a US$30.8 million white diamond. As with many luxury trends in China, at first the con- sumer … Continue reading Diamond Deals

In China, Under Armour Looks to Brand the Workout Experience

As published on brandchannel.com on October 29, 2013. Earlier this month, Under Armour introduced a completely different retail concept to the Chinese sporting apparel market—a market that has proven hard to crack even for the most seasoned retail veterans, including Nike and Adidas. But Under Armour's new Shanghai retail theater experience aims to do much more than just sell clothes … Continue reading In China, Under Armour Looks to Brand the Workout Experience