international living moving overseas coach expat coach life abroad tips moving abroad coach international moving coachExpat coaching is for expat: business owners, executives, professionals, creatives, spouses, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs who want more enjoyment from their work, their free time, and their relationships.

You have chosen the road less traveled and want (and deserve) a full life in your new home abroad.

You’ve take the risk and moved away from all of your friends, your family, your entire network. You work hard at work, putting in long hours. Outside of work, you want a significant other and to have time to nurture that relationship, feel love and take care of yourself, learn the local language, travel in this new part of the world, but where’s the time? I’m Kristen Van Nest and I can make you feel more fulfilled, less stressed at work, and happier with your life.

Why work/life coaching for expats? I first lived abroad by myself at sixteen when I moved  to Paris to live with a host month and study French. Since then I have traveled to 40 countries, lived in Europe and Asia, and most recently spent the last three and a half years working as a Marketing Manager in Shanghai.

I know the unique issues facing expats – the loneliness, the multicultural work environment, dating in a foreign city. It is the road less traveled and takes a strong soul to succeed.

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As a branding specialist with 5+ years of professional experience in the U.S. and in China, I am an expert in how to show up abroad at work and in life as your best self. I have perfected the art of creating a new life in a new city and making that new city feel like home. My mission as a coach is to help expats settle into their new home country and succeed. I work with expats from all over the world on these issues.

Here are some areas we can work on:

  • Career Development: Receive the raise and promotion you deserve. Have that tough conversation in a way that results in you getting what you deserve while strengthening your relationship with your boss
  • Cross-Cultural Communication: Smoothly communicate with other departments, your boss, your peers, and your team. Don’t let differing cultures hold you back. Having worked in Shanghai as a Marketing Manager for 3.5 years in multi-cultural companies and lived in Europe, I can help you better communication with your foreign colleagues
  • Dating: Dating is hard enough in our home countries. Throw different cultures and customs into the mix on everyone living in a place only temporary and it’s tough! We can work on creating a life in which you can focus on your passions while attracting and keeping a life partner who loves and supports you
  • Feeling Fulfilled: Being constantly surrounded by a foreign culture and language can wear you down! Feel at ease and at peace in your life. No more anxiety and stress taking over your life
  • Career Transition: Take charge of new opportunities. Work through the stress of the job search, negotiating salary and benefits, and preparing your plan for your first 90 days in your new role, whether in a new job, a promotion, a new career, or even in a new country!
  • Body Confidence: Different cultures mean being treated differently based on what you wear or how you look. Actually love the way you look. Every day we are subjected to how we are “supposed to look.” Confidence is a “rising tide lifts all boats” factor of life
  • Long-Term Goals/Family Planning/Investing: Take control of your future. Some of the most important things you need to do now, like saving and investing, don’t impact your present day-to-day life (and even involves thinking in a different currency!). This means these critical aspects of life are often forgotten about until it’s too late

Bringing more happiness and fulfillment to your life takes hard work, time, and determination. Patterns will be broken, tough discussions will happen, laughter and tears may occur. Taking control of your life is a rigorous, but rewarding experience. Like a coach at the gym or a mentor at work, I can help you achieve your big picture life goals.

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“During my job search, Kristen was great at giving me clear and objective advice. First she helped me figure out what my priorities were so I confidently knew what I wanted, and then she helped me develop the correct communication tools and strategies I needed to get what I wanted. Thanks to Kristen I was able to negotiate a 20% increase in salary in my new job!” – Chelsea, Advertising, Shanghai


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