Singles Market

As published in FOCUS magazine's December issue. Just as Western companies use Valentine’s Day to capitalise on budding – or established – relationships, Single’s Day celebrates anoth- er special someone: me, myself, and I. Instead of an evening of flowers, chocolate, and gourmet cuisine, this holiday sees pyjama-clad consum- ers sitting at midnight in front … Continue reading Singles Market

Boating Bonanza

As published in FOCUS magazine in the November issue. China’s economic slow-down saw a negative impact on most luxury industries, but yacht sales have grown hand over fist. from 2006 to 2011, the industry swelled 732 per cent. Last year, 3,000 yachts  were sold in china; by 2020, experts expect the numbers to hit 100,000. Seizing the opportunity, Chinese producers are … Continue reading Boating Bonanza

Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my blog. My name is Kristen Van Nest. I am an avid consumer of all things news, who has started this blog to feature my freelance and consulting portfolio and write about current events relevant, but not limited to: communication strategy, place & corporate branding, international relations, social entrepreneurship, and anything else. See … Continue reading Welcome to My Blog