FOREO Photoshoot: Behind-the-Scenes

As originally posted on MYSA. Working with a local production team, managed and developed behind-the-scenes content for FOREO photoshoot. Representing the brand's values, the objective was to develop premium and refined, yet relatable content through interviews with the brand's models.

On addiction importance, pink mopeds and staying out of the rat race

Interview on living in China…

Women's leadership & inspiration

Kristen Van Nest, Shanghai

On addiction importance, pink mopeds and staying out of the rat race

3 facts about Kristen

1.    Fulbright Scholar who researched Nation Branding in Luxembourg
2.    Contributing Author for “Innovating Women: Past, Present & Future”
3.    Content Marketing Manager at Foreo, a skincare technology company

Accept addictions

•    I’m the kind of person who dives feet first into cold water, I’ve done it many times in my life and never regret it.
•    When I came home after completing the Fulbright, it was really strange – everyone was doing the same things. I felt so different and so changed. For me it was like: “Ok. This isn’t the right time for me to be home”.
•    I started travelling when I was really young. My parents encouraged me to study and live abroad. When I was 16, I lived in Paris for a month. The next…

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This E-Book Will Help Break Glass Ceilings

Published on in June 2013. Note: Since publication, the title of the book has changed to Innovating Women: The Changing Face of Technology. I recently encountered a Reddit thread listing "the most intellectual jokes you know." Many were indeed nerd wit-laden, but one response caught me off guard. It began: "A physicist, a mathematician and an engineer … Continue reading This E-Book Will Help Break Glass Ceilings