Why It’s Important to Have Real Male Friends

Originally published on MYSA.  “You should be manager of the hockey team,” a sophomore from down the hall advised. “We need one - it’s a really chill group of guys.” “OK?” I agreed, hesitantly. Agreeing to manage the men’s club hockey team was the start of a college-long commitment - not just to seasonally spending [...]


Home Is Where The Heart Is, So Where Is Your Heart?

As originally published on MYSA.   Growing up in suburban Connecticut, nature constantly embraced me, whether that be with beautifully landscaped neighborhood lawns, winding trails to meander in my town’s park, or a microadventure getaway up North with my family. Now as a young professional, I find myself confined to cityscapes. Without surrounding natural beauty, [...]

5 Reasons to Wear an Unsexy Halloween Costume

As originally posted on MYSA. Halloween is often a time to unleash that sexy kitten normally hidden under the comforting layers of fall. The sexy Halloween costume has its effect, but here are some definite pluses to the unsexy costume... My journey into the unsexy started my freshman year of college. Finding a particularly fine [...]