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Articles published in Bullshit.ist. Click on an article image below to read the full article. Samples below: Bedroom: “I know it wasn’t in the picture, but I hope it’s okay that I store my doll collection in here. They’re all lined up against the wall so they won’t be in your way. And you know, they’re [...]



As published on Medium weekly here. I spun together real life scenarios and biographical information to bring to life a fictional story involving top political and pop icons. Similar to Forrest Gump, but about Kanye's ambitions for presidency. Fanfiction Summary: Kanye and Kim are ready to become the next JFK and Jackie O. Everyone thought his run [...]

5 Reasons to Wear an Unsexy Halloween Costume

As originally posted on MYSA. Halloween is often a time to unleash that sexy kitten normally hidden under the comforting layers of fall. The sexy Halloween costume has its effect, but here are some definite pluses to the unsexy costume... My journey into the unsexy started my freshman year of college. Finding a particularly fine [...]