Working as Content Marketing Manager for the health and beauty brand, I oversaw a brand refresh, followed by the launch of a new blog, MYSA. Through a mix of SEO, social engagement, and “brand essence” posts, the blog’s objective was: 1) increase traffic to the ecommerce site and 2) increase conversion rate.

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Samples of the blog:


The blog was broken down into key sections that related to our target customer. For a more aspirational feel as well as relating to the product features, the sections were named: “Pulse, Smile, Upgrade, Spark” with sub-divisions more aptly named more directly for SEO purposes. This navigation design is an example of the form and function mix of a success blog (form: beautifully branded and named, function: SEO optimization using keywords):

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 3.22.10 PM

Sample of a soft-sell article to accompany a product launch:

Article Page Sample

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